Thursday, October 9, 2008

-- Histry of my experiance in ICEfaces --

Since I am a Java/JEE developer, I have a 1 year work experience in JSF technology. But, it is a bit pain to develop interactive web application using only standard tags in JSF, because, JavaScript add huge extra work on me as well as on the client. So I search a good solution for that. One day (before nearly 1 year) I got a URL from friend of mine; he told me this brings the real solution for my problem. This is that URL….

As he told, it brought the solution, and also with lot of happiness to my life. Finally, I have introduced this technology for my company and they also realize ICEfaces can make big deference to the industry applications. Now I am a good software engineer, who is having a great future…

If you want to be a productive enterprise application developer... this the path.

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