Thursday, October 9, 2008

-- What is ICEfaces --

ICEfaces is a framework, which can be used to create high user interactive web pages. In another words this technology enables to develop and deploy thin-client, REA - Rich Enterprise Application in pure Java.

Pure Java means.... NO JavaScript. Therefore do not need any kind of knowledge about JavaScript. So JEE application development skills can directly apply to these technology.

The other thing is thin-client….. Thin client means, there are no Applets or proprietary browser plug-ins required to run ICEfaces.
And Rich web application environment enables to…. smooth, Incremental page updates…… that do not require a full page refresh (i.e. need only partial refresh) to view the changes in the application. Only elements, which are changed, need to updated during the render phase.

And also using ICEfaces, we can develop rapid applications, even within 2/3 months; single developer can develop a fully featured web application. Because these applications are easy to maintains, ustomize and extends…. at a very low cost… actually at NO cost….

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